Kenny Flowers: Be the prettiest on the beach


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We live in Canada, and it is now the end of March.  Any Canadian immediately knows what that means! We… are… so… ready… for… summer !!!!

And since our little girl is coming in about 2.5 months, I am super excited to get a cute bathing suit for her! And why not a matching one for mom? Or even for the whole family?

I am ready to get into the mood, and love the tropical look! So I was more than happy to find KennyFlowers! We got our little baby two awesomely cute bathing suits, the Maui-girls ruffle one piece and the Lanai-girls ruffle one piece.  Both are UPF 50+ and made from recycled eco-friendly fabrics. I love their patterns and am already eyeing the matching resort dress for me! (grin!)  I could even get dad and the little boy something to fit our family!

I love that the tissue of the Kenny Flowers line is extremely soft and offers great sun protection. It is a bit more expensive, but this upscale lifestyle brand offers great value. They put a fresh spin on Hawaiian shirts and resort looks. As they say themselves,  Kenny Flowers is all about embracing the feeling of vacation, every day. In the words of Kenny and Christina, the founders of the brand, the ideal vacation is a little bit of luxe, a lot of fun, and guaranteed sunshine!

It is also fun to know that Kenny Flowers helps send students to college through their partnership with CEO4Teens.