Top Gifts for Work-from-Home Dads

It could be so hard to find the perfect gift for the work-from-home dad. This Father’s Day we compiled a list of some of our top ideas for your father, husband, pop, papa who works from home. The idea is to keep him organized, healthy and relaxed, and also productive while working from home. From this list, you’ll hopefully find something for the work-from-home man in your life.

Sometimes, the best thing to get Dad for Father’s Day is something that he would see in his office every day. These work-from-home dad gifts will be seen every day!

fathers day 2022 1

Sometimes dad is trying to eat healthily. The BlendJet charges even with a USB-C so it’s super simple. My husband, at times, has made excuses about eating healthy but with something this simple you can’t really screw it up.   It easily charges and the BlendJet even has ready-to-blend mixes so it’s really simple for him to just try to eat healthily by keeping this right on his desk.

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My husband is a bit of a prepper and loves to prepare for the worst of life’s adventures. What makes this lamp interesting is that it holds a charge for any power outage. But I feel like that is just love to feel prepared knowing that this lamp is on the ready to always turn on. I just feel it’s the kind of thing that gets any dad excited. InPoweredLights makes it all in one and you can order straight from their site.

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Austere makes home and office technology accessories that look so much better than any other product in its category. The company’s VII Series surge protector not only looks great, but protects your expensive office equipment from dangerous surges, it also features SpaceFit that gives you room to plug in any size transformer without playing musical chairs with your plugs.  Another “must-have” product is their anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning solution called Clean & Protect. It will keep all the screens in your life clean and germ-free  I just love the look of all the Austere products, it elevates the accessory category.

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The VisionTek VT7100 is a monster of a docking station. My husband has a dedicated area where he plugs in his laptop, but this can handle up to three 4k displays, plus other accessories.  It also has 100W of power so it can really handle any amount of devices you throw at it.  And it connects with a USB-C so it works with nearly any modern laptop.

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Why am I including a razor system like Mowbie here? These razors work off of USB-C which means he can keep them at his desk. We are all doing so many video meetings, who doesn’t need a trim up on the spot!   Plus they have a built-in light to help keep a better eye on your shave. I also love the price point of these as they’re really an easy purchase and available at Walmart.


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