Kid Proof Is A Must Have!

Kid Proof preliminary product photo May 31, 2019.
Photo Credit: James Durbin / The Oilfield Photographer, Inc.

I am sorry but why are these kids such a darn mess?  I mean its ridiculous.  I think I wipe the tables, chairs and counters down 100 times a day.  Fingerprint and stickiness everywhere.  And the car; what a disaster.  Just can’t seem to get the backseat mess to stop in it’s tracks.

Kid Proof – this product actually protects your cloth and leather goods from any icky mess your kids bring to the table.  This is the brain child of owner Cory Listner after a milkshake mishap in the back of his car.  Here is my favorite part; this protectant does NOT contain any harsh chemicals like acetone or fluorocarbons.  It is totally safe around the kids and your pets.  Think car, couch, chairs, dining room, even the carpet you told the kids to “never eat or drink on”.  I mean we turn our backs for 10 seconds LOL.

I am not crazy enough to do this milkshake test but check out the video.  You will want to scoop up this product ASAP.  You will be as impressed as I am.  Kid Proof is going to help you save your leather and cloth and take back your house!  A 12 oz bottle will cost you around $16.00.

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