Swaddle Sack Is A Must!

To all my new moms and dads out there – I’m about to do you a favor and tell you about a product that will change your life.  For sure your nights are about to get seriously peaceful!  This past weekend, our family put the Swaddle Sack to the test.  There has been a lot of talk about babies self soothing and how important that is to their sleep.  This product features something super different; arms up sleeves.  Both my kids chose to sleep this way so I was super excited to give it a try!  It is as easy to put on as any other onesie and so soft and comfortable.  It is sort of a cross between the super snug swaddle and a loose sleep sack.  The mittens can be closed or open depending on your preference.  So whether you have a baby that likes to be closed in, open and free or sleeps with one or both hands up you have yourself the perfect product.  It has a two way zipper which makes middle of the night changes super easy.  The roundness of the bottom promotes healthy leg movement and support.

Swaddle Sack comes in a few color options and costs around $22.00.  It is made of the softest premium cotton knit out there and washes really well!  The baby was sleeping soundly and calmly and while I could have used the time to catch up on my favorite show I will admit I also took a nap.  It comes in two size runs (0-3 months, 3-6 months) and will be the perfect gift for the holidays or you next baby shower!

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