Who has a teen or tween with skin issues?  I certainly do and I am always on the hunt for new and exciting products to try out.  Kidskin is killing it right now with their amazing skincare line; each product is better than the next.  These products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan and yup, made in the USA!  Check out the items in my teen’s current daily regime.

T-blast foaming cleanser: love how lightweight this product is.  This is a foaming cleanser that you can use twice a day to help cut through the oil and soothe the skin.  This is for acne-prone skin.  ($16.99)

Calming Moisturizer: use this great, non-greasy lotion once daily.  This product really is very gentle and soothing; my teen uses it at night generously and lets it soak in while he sleeps.  ($22.99)

Gentle Skin Cleanser:  Ok this one you need to never run out of.  Super lightweight and honestly the everyone can use it.  Even us moms!  I love how frothy it gets and how you can use it literally on any skin type.  So many things say they are safe for sensitive skin and yet they still irritate you.  This cleanser is the best I’ve seen in years.  ($22.99)

Gentle Skin Moisturizer: Now that you have used your cleanser, why not seal the deal with the moisturizer.  Once again, totally safe for all skin types.  Very lightweight with no greasy ending.  ($22.99)

Z-Blast Acne Serum Spot Treatment: This is your ace in the hole.  This product goes right to the rescue for the problematic areas.  It will not cause heavy dryness like other products and clears up the issue 1-2-3.  ($14.99)

Kidskin Daily Sunscreen SPF 30:  this is awesome and all natural.  Yes it goes on white; but then absorbs in without causing all the oily aftermath.  It really does the trick all day and no stress that later that night you will be breaking out like crazy.  An absolute must for any beach tote taking teens to the beach!  ($19.99)

These are quality products that will solve your kids skin issues just in time for back to school!