Nurturally Pumping Bra

Pumping is just yet another thing us nursing moms have to worry about adding into our already hectic day.  Add going back to work on top of that, and it’s rough trying to figure out when we can get everything done throughout the day.  Nurturally’s Pumping Bra saves both time, tears, and hands by making pumping easy and fully hand free.  Besides the amazing quality and comfort of the bra, the price definitely puts it as a must for any nursing/pumping mom.

I have tried a number of pumping bras, and the Nurturally Pumping Bra is my favorite.  It is comfortable and provides a secure hold without being restrictive.  The design was created by an engineer husband whose wife was feeling the struggle like all of us!  Designed similar to a sports bra, with the racer back form, the Nurturally Pumping Bra doesn’t put too much pressure in any one spot, and is easy to take on and off with front hooks.  There are adjustable shoulder strap and the material is soft but stretchy.  I have to admit, when I saw the bra in the box the first time, I was sketical about how comfortable it would be and if it could handle the job at hand.  I was pleasantly surprised as it was able to handle the milk jugs that baby #2 had caused with ease.  As I pumped, I was expecting to loose some suction as the bottles filled with milk, but there was no suction lost and the flanges and bottles stayed in the same place as when I started.  I was able to type for work in comfort while pumping the much coveted milk for baby, and I appreciated not having to readjust the bra or flanges every few minutes like I had experienced with other bras in the past.  I highly recommend the Nurturally Pumping Bra for moms and breasts of all sizes! Order yours on Amazon or at