KikiBoxes- Themed Parties in a Box

2020 has kind of, well, sucked.  Let’s be honest, there has been a lot of missed and canceled events, birthdays, and celebrations.  For kids especially, that has been hard, and we try to explain about the pandemic, but kids still need to be celebrated.  KikiBoxes makes that a possibility by offering fully stocked boxes delivered right to your door so you can have celebrations in your home in style.  KikiBoxes gets its name from the urban term “kiki” and the company defines their boxes as designed “for the express purpose of calming nerves, reducing anxiety and stress.”  KikiBoxes definitely does take the stress out of party planning and ensures that you have all you need for your party.


KikiBoxes offers themes of: birthday, circus, dinosaur, princess, rainbow unicorn, and sports.  You can choose a box that has supplies enough for a party of 8 or a party of 16.  Each box comes chock-full of goodies and decorations to make the perfect celebration.  Included in the boxes are themed: table cloth, table runner, luncheon plates, cake plates, guest napkins and cocktail napkins, cups, straws, utensils, cupcake sleeves and toppers, candles, balloons, streamers/banner, hats, favor bags, and varying favors, and thank you cards.  With KikiBoxes you literally only need to worry about getting the food!  All included products are of impressive quality.  The box also comes with a step by step guide to make your party the best, some food, flower, and activity recommendations, and party tips for the host/or hostess.  Even if celebrating virtually with family and friends, the KikiBox makes each celebration special and memorable.  Check it out for your next kiki at