Top Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Even though I am in my mid-thirties, I still enjoy getting some fun gadgets in my stocking every Christmas.  I also enjoy getting my friends and family stocking stuffers, because full stockings are not just for kids!  Below are some unique and useful ideas for everyday use items for adults that will delight anyone whose stocking is hung by the chimney with care. 

For Parents: “Connecting with Kids in a Disconnected World” by Trevor Romain

As a mom, it’s sometimes been difficult this past year to feel like I was really mentally present and able to be in the moment with my daughter when both of us were stressed and trying to communicate with heightened emotions.  Trevor Romain’s short and sweet book is so refreshing and uplifting, and it is an easy read for the hectic life we have.  He spells out through quick anecdotes different ways to truly listen to, connect with, and understand the kids in our lives.  The book provides insightful and surprisingly simple things to do on a daily basis with kids that really only takes a few minutes and can build moments of true connection to help kids feel heard and validated.  I loved how he breaks down the overwhelming into ‘chapters’ that are only a few pages at most to illustrate ideas to try.  The practical strategies on each page are great reminders for anyone that has kids to remind them that connection is most important but is not impossible with their kids.

Telescopic Mermaid Straw

The Telescopic Mermaid Straw is such a great gift that is reusable, eco-friendly, and compact for easy storage and travel!  The Mermaid Straw is a durable, stainless steel straw, and the Mermaid Straw just makes it easy to have on hand at all times.  The metal case is only about 6 inches long, light, and comes with a keychain clip.  The case can be opened by unscrewing the top or the bottom for easy access to your Mermaid Straw.  The straw comes with a pink silicone tip for the straw and a telescopic cleaning brush that fits inside the straw for easy access.  The Telescopic Mermaid Straw is easy to use for any size drink, and you won’t have to worry about single use plastic straws with the sustainable and reusable Mermaid Straw.  The Telescopic Mermaid Straw is wide enough that it even works with smoothies and frappuccinos.  Mermaid Straws are also dishwasher safe, so no excuses for not getting one for yourself either, because you definitely will want one too.  Order one (or more!) at

Baba Bags

Baba Bags are great for those on your list that like reusable bags but hate how bulky they can be.  Baba Bags are so compact and can tuck even into your pocket, but then hold a lot of items and weight- up to 120 pounds!  Made in Ukraine and handmade with high quality cotton, Baba Bags boasts a lifetime warranty, which is way more than any other reusable bag I have can say.  Baba Bags is another company that I love supporting because they also give back- $2 of every bag purchase goes to a nonprofit.  The bags come in two colors, green and white or red and white.  They are strong, durable, reusable, and my new favorite anytime I go to the store.  No more worries about dented cans from bottoms of bags giving way under the weight.  I even have used it to carry my kids’ toys and supplies for going on a trip or picnic.  This is the perfect gift for really anyone because Baba Bags are so versatile in what they can be used for.  Pick up your Baba Bag at

ForBabs Anti-Static Hairbrush

ForBabs X-Static Hairbrush is great as we are in the cold weather months and the air is dry.  I have to normally hold my regular hair brush over the humidifier for a moment, or run it under water before brushing, otherwise my hair stands up all over the place from the static.  My daughter inherited this fine trait with her hair, so trying to tame a 4 year old and her hair at the same time is a fight.  The ForBabs X-Static Hairbrush has made out mornings much easier by smoothing the static, and the brush is great with knots too!  The brush opens to allow the brush head with tear-off anti-static treatment sheets to be inserted and snapped into place.  Then, it’s a simple matter of just brushing like normal.  It can be used on wet or dry hair, and the treatment sheets also add extra shine to your hair.  When I told my daughter it was my brush, she reminded me “sharing is caring” because she liked the brush so much and it made brushing her hair a tear free experience.  After several uses, you can pull off the top sheet to continue with the anti-static brushing experience.  Order your brush and refills at

Lotus Produce Bags

Lotus Produce Bags is perfect for everyone because of its versatility and reusability.  If you are getting someone the Lotus Trolley Bags (which you should, but that’s another review), you have to get them a set of the Lotus Produce Bags too!  The bags come in a set of 9, with three each of small, medium, and large bags and are BPA free and food safe.  I like these instead of fiddling with the plastic produce bags at the store that end up getting ripped or holes poked in them anyway.  Reduce the plastic used when shopping by using the Lotus bags.  The breathable mesh allows for the produce to be stored in them without speeding up the ripening/rotting, and you can rinse and strain all in one.  They have a drawstring closure with a beaded closure, and they are machine washable, so this is a gift that will last.  The bags can be used for much more than just produce: delicates to be washed in the washing machine, toilettries, makeup, and even toys or knickknacks you want to keep together.  The Lotus Produce Bags also come in a set of five 100% cotton bags.  Order yours at

Root’d Multivitamin Fizzy Healthy Drink Mix

Root’d Multivitamin Fizzy Healthy Drink Mix for Men and Women is a perfect stocking stuffer for those determined to focus on their health as a New Year’s Resolution.  The packets are small and are perfect for popping into a water bottle to have a refreshing and tasty sparkling drink with all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep you going.  Infused with organic super greens and probiotics, Root’d Multivitamin Fizzy Drink Mix is non GMO and contains no fillers or sugars.  Root’d has formulations specifically designed for women, men, and expecting moms.  They include vitamins D, C, B-Complex, Zinc, Selenium, and electrolytes to meet all your daily dietary needs.  Root’d packets mix easily in water and there is no gritty taste.  Root’d supports hydration, brain cell support, energy production, digestive balance, strong hair and nails, and of course immune defense.  Get a box for your loved one at