Waiting on Kohl’s Amazon Returns Line is Hell

Now that we can we turn our Amazon packages to Kohl’s it added a new level of convenience, but that said, a new level of hell. Here I am, standing online dreading my existence as the line is about 20 people deep.

See because it is more convenient now everybody’s on the line. 

The paradox is that with the increased convenience is more increased headache.

What I fail to see is why can’t they pick up the package that came to my house from exactly at my house? They come to my house 27 times a day anyway. Why are they forcing me on this long line just to scan stuff to throw in a bin? And honestly, I’m also left wondering if any of the stuff is even getting it’s way back to Amazon? Do they really need my $4 ruler to be shipped back?

I feel that we have advanced our world, but now have taken a step back. Now we are receiving the packages without a time to get rid of the damn packages is an entire process within itself.

Do you hate waiting on Kohl’s lines as much as me? Do you truly think this is the best use of our time?

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