Bubbly for New Years 2020

New Years Eve BubblyTonight is New Years eve so it’s time to hit the bubbly. Run out to your store and pick up some ideas for champagnes. But better than that, call your local place and see if they deliver.

Barefoot makes really affordable options for Champagnes and bubbly wines. They have a Brut Cuvee, but I loved the Pride edition which had a wonderful rainbow wrapped and a Brut Rose. I feel like half the reason that I buy a bottle is the look of the bottle and this rainbow wrapper is gorgeous.

The second option I found is from Willamette Valley. We LOVE Willamette Valley wines and this Brut goes write along with it. This is a higher end bottle and it shows. The quality and taste is amazing and it’s basically the kind of bubbly that shows you know you’re stuff and you’re here to impress.

A third option I found is Liberation de Paris. I love the story here as the wine is made in tribute to the man’s father who was saved in the liberation of Paris. The boy heard the story and 76 years later the story continues.

Whatever you do drink tonight, just be smart about it. Stay home, get a delivery, and watch the ball drop from the comfort of your ow home. I’m sure 2021 will be much better than 2020.