Kuhn Rikon Kitchen Products

71xzysM4teL._SL1500_Kuhn Rikon makes some of the coolest stuff for the kitchen. I’m a bit of a germaphobe and I hate how gross kitchen sponges get. The Stay Clean Scrubber is a silicone sponge that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It doesn’t smell like a regular sponge and it definitely lasts longer too. You can even use it dry to remove lint and hair. I use my toaster oven more often than my oven, especially in the summer. The Silicone Toaster Oven Sheet is a great way to make sure your pizza stays crisp without leaving a mess of crumbs or melted cheese to clean up. It is very sturdy with a wire-reinforced rim so your food doesn’t go sliding off when you try to get it out of the oven. I left my favorite product for last- the Fast Wrap. I hate plastic wrap. Dealing with tangled plastic wrap is worse for me than dealing with tangled Christmas lights! I’m also cutting myself on the sharp edges.┬áThe Fast Wrap holds your roll in place due to its non slip feet so you don’t have to hold the box. The blade is set back so I feel comfortable having my nine-year old helping me with wrapping. The Fast Wrtap comes in great colors as well.

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