Sally Loves Book Series

I just stumbled upon a children’s book series that actually truly inspires me.  The Sally Loves series is a wonderful group of books written and illustrated by Jody Mackey that will encourage your child to always be active and pursue what makes them happy!  In the troubled world of today, to me, this is rather refreshing.

is actually an online company that promotes the series; they believe in youth fitness and want our kids of today to develop an appetite for sports and activities that they truly love.  I spent the afternoon reading “Sally Loves To Swim” and “Sally Loves To Dance” to my little one and she loved both.  In “Swim”, a young girl is motivated to participate in a triathlon just like her mother.  In “Dance”, Sally, who participates in all types of dance wants to do the hula dance with her friend Evangelyne.  My own little lady is an active dancer and she completely related to the goals in this wonderful book.  We brought “Sally Loves Coloring, Activities, Sticker Book!” to my office for a rainy day solution for creativity.  It goes along with Mackey’s Swim book and my daughter loved the activities.  The series ranges in price from $12.95 for the activity book to $19.95 for the hardcover stories.

Sally Loves


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