Kuru Footwear

I have been spending more time outdoors, walking and getting some fresh air.  Clears the frazzled mommy mind and is so good for your body!  I was thrilled to land a pair of limited edition Atom Sneakers from Kuru to add to my fitness gear collection.

These are super comfortable and have an amazingly thick midsole.  They come in several awesome colors (I have the pink sand/white clay pink and LOVE them).

Why go KURU? For starters, they have this great sole that flexes with each step.  Other sneakers flatten the fat pad in your heel.  They actually “hug” your foot.  This means they are a clear winner for anyone who suffers from foot pain.  This is a comfortable shoe that provides the perfect combo of heel, ankle, and arch support.  Sort of like “orthotics” without the expense or prescription.

They offer quite a selection for both men and women.  Here is my favorite part: they are great for work and play.  You can wear them with jeans or workout gear.  They transition to all your styles and needs.  You can also make your KURU purchase specialized, sorting by what ails you (ankle support, arch issues, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, cold/warm weather, and more).

Check them out!