Wildgrain Makes Bread to Redeem Your Soul

There is something inherently comforting about bread. In fact, I would call it one of the best comfort foods. On a cold winter’s night, put me under some blankets, and I will eat a roll of sourdough bread like it’s candy. Maybe I have an addiction, but that’s a different issue.

Bread has always had the quality of warming the soul. There are phrases like: There’s nothing like the smell of warm bread. People love waking up to the smell of baked bread.

But baking bread is not always an easy thing. I think I’ve had two different bread machines in my life, and I’ve made a total of three loaves. We always think we would like to bake bread, but in reality, it just never occurs.

I would even dare say there should be a scale for the likelihood of baking bread. If you find that you have no time to bake bread, things are probably going extremely stressful for you and bad for you. On the other hand, if you find you have a few seconds to make bread, then cherish that moment because the moment will soon pass.

To make things a little bit easier, WildGrain has a service that will ship bread to you every month. They don’t just sell bread, but high-quality, slow-fermented sourdough bread and artisanal pastries. The type of bread you really never typically bake at home. The bread is par-baked and flash-frozen, and all you have to do is essentially throw it in the oven and take credit for it. You then feel some joy and satisfaction. WildGrain also offers two different types of fresh pasta, and your chances of having made this at home are basically zero. There is no chance you have made fresh pasta because you didn’t have the time to even make the bread, so let’s get a sense of reality here.

In this case, the baking of the bread is not simply a form of nutrition but a means of balancing your soul. WildGrain fills in the gap that anxiety has created when you don’t have time to bake bread anymore. But you certainly have the need and desire within your heart for fresh-baked bread. Ordering from WildGrain provides you with the bread and peace of mind you need to redeem your soul.