La Loo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream

Are you looking for a sweet dairy treat but you have a terrible sensitivity to cow’s milk? Well I have this problem and I am always on the quest for a new and exciting alternative.  So glad I was given the opportunity to try out some awesome flavors of goat milk ice cream from LaLoo’s.  Now I know, you hear “goat milk” and you are already walking away from the computer/tablet.  Well don’t: I couldn’t believe how absolutely yummy and creamy each flavor I tried was.  This is such a wonderful and nutritious alternate option; it is lower in fat and actually I was surprised to discover it is higher in protein.  I say grab spoons for everyone in your family and don’t ever look back.  The “vanilla snowflake” was so smooth and sweet; my son the vanilla-head gave it two thumbs up.  “Deep Chocolate” is truly just that: rich in cocoa flavor and seemed to be a huge crowd-pleaser at our impromptu ice cream party.  I need to talk about “Capraccino” and “Black Mission Fig” which are both so delicious that I ate almost the entire containers.  “Capraccino’s” latte flavor was so perfect and spot on.  “Black Mission Fig” had amazing fig flavor with the perfect hint of caramel.  There are so many great options you will truly find something that everyone loves.  Please visit to jump on the goat milk band wagon and to learn where to purchase your new favorite creamy dessert.  LaLoos’s is available at your local Whole Foods and so many more!


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