My household has moved in a healthier direction this year; we are trying to eat better, exercise more and take better care of ourselves.  I do indulge in and enjoy carbonated beverages however so many soda’s have so much sugar and all things bad.  I am thrilled to say that Zevia: The Smarter Soda is doing the trick for me!  First off: they offer a huge variety of flavors to choose from: cola, ginger ale, ginger root beer, black cherry, cherry cola, lemon line, tonic water, grapefruit citrus, cream soda, strawberry, grape, orange and more!  I personally tried cherry cola and cream soda and they were simply delish!  My family and a few guests had such great things to say about the flavors they sampled as well.  My son really enjoyed the ginger ale!  Each can of this soda contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors, or colors.  Zevia is certified vegan, kosher and is gluten-free.  This is really such a wonderful option for anyone!  Wondering how they can accomplish this? Zevia is a yummy combination of Stevia (zero calorie sweetener), Monk Fruit (contains no fructose  and has no ill effect on blood glucose level) and Erythritol (zero calories and zero glycemic index).  I am actually hoping you’ve already hopped in your car to your local Target, Safeway of Whole Foods to purchase some for your own family!  These are all the greatness of enjoying a soda without all the bad additives and guilty calories.  For more information please visit http://www.zevia.com.


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