Lasio Professional Hair Care Review

I love how my hair feels after a visit to the hairdresser. It seems more alive and beautiful.  Keeping my hair healthy in between salon visits is important to me. Lasio offers professional hair care products that made this dream come true for me. I love their quality. The Lasio products are formulated by hairstylists, for hairstylists, so you can get the same high quality at home as at the salon.


I have been using their replenishing shampoo and conditioner. At $120 for 35 oz., it does not come cheap. But they last up to 4 months, and you really get value for your money! Safe for color-treated hair, this combo will restore your damaged hair and protect it from future breakage. I love the shine my hair has after using Lasio’s replenishing shampoo and conditioner.

Once a week, I will use the Lasio revitalizing masque as an intensive moisture and repair boost. The process feels like a spa treatment. This intensively protective treatment shields my hair from future damage, I really notice the difference in my hair for the rest of the week!

And my hair smells so nice! People around me have been noticing it and remarking how nice I smell and how beautiful my hair looks. A real booster for my self-confidence!

Right now, Lasio is offering 20% off your order if you log in to their website. And subscribing to their products will give you an additional 15% discount! It is worth it!