The Kitchen Stickin’ Tape Dispenser – Review

We received the Kitchen Stickin’ Tape Dispenser to check out, and must say that we were amazed this is not a standard item in every kitchen! How come we only found out about this amazing product now? I have been looking for something like this for a long time!

image of Kitchen Stickin' Tape Dispenser mounted to door


The concept couldn’t be any simpler. Basically, it’s just a holder for ordinary painter’s tape and a marking pen. But the way it is made is ingenious!

You can mount the dispenser on any surface (wall, door, fridge…) with damage-free mounting strips. You can even mount it out of sight, such as in a cabinet! This keeps tape and a marking pen always handy, yet out of the way. You never have to search for a pen again! And the uses of the painter’s tape are multiple!

  • To seal bags & boxes in your pantry, fridge, freezer;
  • to label any food container with the date and content;
  • to tape up pictures, papers, and artwork to the fridge or wall;

You no longer need an expensive label maker or chip clips. Indeed, this is one tool to replace them all.

The Kitchen Stickin’ Tape Dispenser is easy to operate with a single hand. And if you ever wish to hang it somewhere else, you can easily remove the mounting strips without any damage to the surface below, and just use new strips anywhere else. And once empty, you can replace the pen with any other pen, and the tape with any standard painter’s tape!

For only $19.99, you can get the Kitchen Stickin’ Tape Dispenser from their website. Five percent of every purchase goes to help prevent food waste, feed those in need, and fight climate change by donations to Feeding America.

The dispenser is made in America with 50 percent recycled material.