Last Minute Games

As a Mom, I always have a hard time finding games for my kids that are educational and also fun, so here’s a list of my favorite games to get your kids this season.


Picky Kitty Goliath is designed for ages four and older and is really cute. It’s a silly game where you are feeding a cat vegetables who doesn’t like to eat them. Your little guys will love this!


Goodfit Puzzles supports new artists by turning their art into puzzles. The 1000 piece Savage Nature is designed by artist Jess Ebesworth. These puzzles are made from recycled cardboard. Not only beautiful but great for the environment.


What is the Sentence? by Wits Games is made for ages seven and up. It is a quick-thinking sentence construction game. You have to create a sentence using your letter cards as the first letter in each word. This is one of those educational games where you trick your kids into learning- win-win!


Trekking a the National Parks by Underdog Games is for ten and up. It is part of the Trekking Series. a travel-themed game where you visit different destinations. This game takes you across the US to a variety of national parks. It’s a great way to teach your kids about national parks.