Last Minute Summer Road Trip Requirement – Armrest Buddy!

School is in a few short weeks and we are trying to squeeze in all the last minute summer fun we can.  I want these kids super comfortable in the car for several sanity saving reason like “quiet time”, “getting along” and my favorite “not making a mess”.

We pack snacks, blankets, pillows, devices, chargers (Oh My Lord do NOT forget the chargers); anything and everything that will keep smiles on faces and limited questions of “are we there yet”.  This time around we are also going to bring our new and innovative Armrest Buddy.  Perfect for children traveling by car, train, ferry, plane etc; this adorable plush stuffed animal fits on the armrest  and doubles as a comfy pillow.  Inside you will find a soft and cushy blanket.  Head designer at Roamwild (James Thorn) actually came up with the idea after a plane ride from Spain that could have really used one of these special guys.  This is made of super soft and machine washable fabrics and is available in stores like Amazon, Target and more.

So back to my car trip.  Each kid was handed an armrest buddy and they were quick at it to get comfy.  One of them used it to lean their arm on.  One of them used it as a pillow.  They both were really calm and happy.  Check it out for you and yours!

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