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Edge of Belgravia makes gorgeous knives. I don’t know how often you would use that adjective for knives. When you tell someone about a set of knives you bought and recommend, the attractiveness is not the first thing you comment on. Don’t misunderstand, Edge of Belgravia makes high-quality knives. They are made of solid steel and have a substantial feel to them, no flimsiness with these knives. What makes these knives stand out is their design.  My favorite is the Arondight due to its solid steel construction: the entire knife including handle seems hand-carved into one beautiful piece of art. The Arondight Collection comes in a seven-piece or four piece set and steak knives are also available. These knives are an excellent value, I have not seen knives of this quality at their reasonable price point.


If you own these knives you don’t want to keep these in a drawer, they are too decorative to hide. Edge of Belgravia has manufactured a knife block that adds to the beauty of these knives. It is called the Black Diamond and it looks like a piece of modern art. The design makes the knives appear as if they are floating. This knife block will fit other knives as well. I think this block is a great addition to a modern or industrial kitchen.


Edge of Belgravia also has created beautiful teak cutting boards to complement their knives. Why use an old ugly board with these beauties! Teak is both a durable and rich looking wood as well as antimicrobial. The cutting boards are called Teak Stars because they are very angular, they are hexagonal in shape and are carved in a manner where it appears one hexagon is resting on another one. The boards come in different sizes ranging from around a ten-inch diameter to eighteen as well as two thicknesses. The Teak Star also has built-in juice trenches for preventing leaks. I recommend getting a couple of different sizes to use as serving pieces.


Edge of Belgravia has created knives that are high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Besides the Arondight some of my other favorites include the Shiroi Hana and the Kuroi Hana which are made with Japanese steel. Both these knives have intricate designs on the blades. All their knives make great gifts for those who love to cook.  Basically what makes these stand apart is simply they are gorgeous. These are affordable kitchenware but look modern and cutting edge.


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