Pregnancy Photographer Taking It to the Next Level

Vanessa Firme is a Brazilian photographer who takes pregnancy photos beyond the typical photos. Not only are they artfully and brilliantly done, she puts her clients in scenes that recreate movies and even famous Disney characters.  I’ve seen some photographers just take really good shots, but what’s amazing is that she doesn’t do this in a Cos-play manner but in a vivid recreation except the person from the scene is pregnant.

1) By far our favorite has to be Maleficent. What makes this even more spectacular is the fact that the subject actually looks identical to Angelina Jolie in this schot.

2) Miss Simpatia seems to be Miss Congeniality in this case so this might not look exact because of the Portuguese, but I can deal.

3) My only concern here is I wouldn’t be able to get up off the chair when I was pregnant. I would basically lie here at 9 months screaming that I’m not getting up and somebody should deliver me some ice cream.

4) Oh my goodness. This is a kick a– shot. She looks not only in the scene, but like she’s ready to kick a– and take names.

5) Again, a logistical challenge of getting four girlfriends, but if you have four pregnant girlfriends than this is the shot for you.

6)The look, the background, the stare. This is a really good representation of Wonder Woman.

7) Who doesn’t love Aladdin. Of course, now you’re looking at a logistics question of getting off the floor, but still.

8) Mr and Mrs. Smith recreated. This is the second Angelina Jolie shot and I love the replacement of guns with the babies.

9) This Snow White looks adorable and the studio trees looks incredible.


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