Life Vac To The Rescue!

In this crazy world of danger, worry and uncertainty, anything we can do or have on hand to make us that much safer I say grab onto with both hands!  I am always rushing around in the kitchen because we always have to run on to the next darn thing in our lives.  I was introduced today to LifeVac, a portable first aid device and while it is a super scary concept to have to worry about I feel a little more prepared for in the event of any choking hazards.

Here is the deal – this is a single use only airway clearance device that is designed to resuscitate someone with an airway obstruction.  It comes with a practice mask, and both adult and pediatric sized masks so it can be used for anyone.  It actually generates negative pressure stronger than 3 times the highest recorded abdominal thrusts.  You do not need a prescription and the cost  of the Home Kit is about $70.00 making it affordable to have on hand in your home, car, or even diaper bag.  You basically “place, push and pull” and checking out the video on their website is an absolute must!  The information sheet and practice instructions are very easy to follow; the choking prevention tips are an asset you should have on hand anyhow!

This really is an important device that you may want to have on hand God forbid anything happens!  Check it out!