The Scottish Grocer

These days we are shopping online more and more and always looking for something new to try out.  I was asked this week to check out The Scottish Grocer; a company that imports specialty food, candy and beverage products directly from Scottish manufacturers.  I didn’t know what to think and was pleasantly surprised by how cool it was.  This is cakes, teas, coffees, preserves, mustards and more!  The kids and I did some sampling that left us wanting to order more!

First off is Barrs IRN-BRU.  This is Scotland’s most popular non-cola soft drink.  It has a great taste and a reduced sugar formula (contains Aspartame).  Next up, and my personal favorite was the Haggis and Cracked Black Pepper Potato Chips.  These are DELICIOUS!  I love the peppery spice; it totally made the chips so much better!  You simply cannot just have one!  You also do not need a dip of any kind; they are just that good.  Baileys Irish Cream Fudge Caramels make the perfect end of the day treat.  This is luxurious individually wrapped fudge pieces with the flavor of Baileys.  They have this great gift tab on their site and you can make up a basket of select items that anyone on your gift list would adore.  I love how different this company is; you get to try out some really unique products!  I’ll admit I am kind of hooked here!  Check them out!