Lingo Coding Kit

New Year…but same “I have to stay at home boredom”.  Am I right?!

It is so hard these days keeping the kids happy and engaged in something other than social media platforms and silly nonsensical games.  I spent this past weekend working on this awesome coding kit from LINGO and we couldn’t have been more pleased with it.  The kit promises creativity and innovation and for sure that is what we received.  You get yourself a micro-controller board, breadboard, component kit and instructions.

I personally think the best part was that you don’t have to be educated in this area to be successful.  This product is totally geared towards learning.  We spent hours creating our own backup sensor for a driverless car and used the on demand videos and guides available to help us along the way.  The kit works alongside the STEM standards your pre-teen/teen is learning in school anyhow which really helps!

This is for sure a great way to spend that holiday money your child received a few week’s back!  Your child can be inspired to design and create!  Lingo is great for kids 13 and up and works effortlessly with chromebooks, laptops, desktops, and Mac products.