Listen…New Year New You…right?? Isn’t that what we are all saying right now.  I am personally trying to eat a little better but to be honest all this time being home and slightly bored really doesn’t help.  I find myself grabbing a snack, or a sweet way too often.  Along with this little fun new habit comes the worry that my teeth will suffer.  I am always on the lookout for a new oral regimen and Periogen is the perfect solution! I used to beyond love my favorite brand name mouthwash and use it twice daily.  Then I did my homework and discovered that those brands only reduce plaque.  In addition, Periogen reduces plaque, tartar, helps maintain a healthy PH all while being alcohol free.  Tartar build up is what causes your red/sore gums and the bleeding you may see when you brush.

Now I’ll blow your mind and tell you how its also the most financially smart thing you’ll do this year.  A small 3oz bottle of concentrate can make about 3 gallons of mouth rinse – how is this even possible???  To start this up in my house, I mixed up 1/2 a scoop of periogen in water.  This is what I gargle with now.  You can also dip your brush into this solution and brush away; I tried this a few times after lunch and really liked the idea.

A bottle of concentrate will cost you about $20 and the toothpaste just about $10.  The company also offers a great starter set that I personally recommend.  After one week using these products I personally know I will never use my old favorite brand again.