Who doesn’t love a board game on a Friday night as the weather gets cooler and crisp? In my family we do a lot of this during the winter months and I am thrilled to add Linknotize into the mix.  This is really unlike any other game we have played. You simply pick two cards upon rolling the dice, set the three minute timer and you are off.  You provide the smart TV, tablet, phone or computer and come up with what can bring the two words together.  How fast can you do it?  Charades take a seat because this game has the fire!  Here is an example, cards reading history (Abraham Lincoln) and entertainment (Broadway Theatre) must be combined using your fave search engine.  This game truly makes you think from beginning to end; You will look at things in a way that you will never forget.  Linknotize is so much fun and brings together the zaniest combinations.  Players may actually doubt the accuracy as this game combines items you truly never would!  Linknotize is new for 2015 holiday shopping and runs for around $25.95.  Please visit for more information and to make a purchase.  So very many cards and combos: This could be our new game night special!


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