Lions Fuel

Nowadays we are always looking for new supplements to “fuel” our bodies.  This year has really been about strengthening our immune systems and dodging nasty germs.

Check out the great products offered by Lion’s Fuel.  These are products that will improve your muscle, brain and body functioning.  We have been sampling some of their products this week and are thrilled to share the info with all of you.  Immune Plus is a great 1oz spray bottle that holds up to 150 sprays.  This will keep you safe and out of quarantine.  Parents of athletes always worry that our kids bodies are constantly under attack so why not grab us a spray that defends against microorganisms from viruses, bacteria and more.  The cost is $30 a bottle and comes in great flavors like raspberry lemonade or fresh lime.  E3 performance enhancing drink is this amazing sugar free drink that brings you energy and endurance as you workout.  This is great for any athlete playing any sport!  The cost is $30 for 30 fruit punch servings.  My husband is loving their Muscle Refresh; this is great for areas that are sore.  It really works and smells awesome since it contains ingredients like peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus, cinnamon and more.  The cost is $30 for a 4 oz tube.

How about for your mind?!? Mental Edge is 1000mg’s of nootropicsand adaptogens to bring you extra focus and attention.  I mean who doesn’t need that.  L-theanine, caffeine and ginseng are the reason for this amazing capsule that you take when you need a pick me up.  $30 for 60 capsules.  Finally, Diet Fuel is drink powder with zero calories that you simply add to water.  It contains minerals, fat burners, electrolytes and metabolism enhancers to help you lose weight will being supercharged.  $30 for 30 servings.

You can’t go wrong with any of these amazingly made products.  Check them out!