Cannabox – a 420 smokin’ subscription box

So, we have all seen these subscription boxes that make life easier and bring us monthly goodies like beauty products, clothes, snacks, and more.  This one is a bit more interesting. Cannabox is a 420 smoking subscription box that has unique monthly themes and includes 6-8 truly useful accessories for smoking “the good stuff.”  This includes glass pipes, bongs, rolling papers, trays, snacks, gear, and more. Each month’s theme and contents are curated by in-house experts, industry leaders, and special guests.

I was leery, opening the box I received, to take a look at appropriately named “April Showers.”  The tiny box contained a Raindrop bong, a “Rainy Daze” t-shirt, blueberry wraps and king-sized papers, and a Clipper lighter.

All you have to do, if this is your thing, is choose your membership/box and then you will get your selections at the end of the month.  The price varies depending on how you choose your subscription (1 month, 3 months, 6 months).  You can also shop for items on their website at any time.

There is zero commitment here so no worries about the never-ending charges some other subscription boxes entail.  If you are really into it, you can even share your “adventures” and product experiences on social media, if you dare.

Cannabox is the leader in 420 subscription boxes and has the customers and verified reviews to show it.