Little Mixins

What if I told you I had an awesome product to start introducing allergens safely into your baby’s life.  These days it is so scary to even bring up the topic of tree nuts, peanuts and eggs.  I know when I tried a little spoon of peanut butter out on my one year old a few years back I was staring at him for hours worried out of my mind.

Pediatricians say that introducing peanut powder to your little one 3 times a week will help them tolerate peanuts all while reducing the allergen risk.  The facts show that babies aren’t born with food allergies they develop them.  Early introduction of egg, nuts and other foods actually help train your babies stomach.  Little Mixins protein powders will certainly be a staple in any new mothers pantry.   These products are dehydrated and mix super easily into any baby food.  You can purchase a jar (4 month supply) for just under $35.00.  They also offer single serve packets (an 18 pack will cost just under $20.00) that you can simply toss in your diaper bag and carry on with your busy day.  You never have to break your allergen schedule.  This product is safe, has no added sugars and is completely affordable.

Check them out!

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