Loco Cold Brew Coffee

I am pretty much dependent upon cold brew coffee now to get through the morning at work.  I love me the wonderful options available from LOCO Coffee.  This is great tasting cold brew coffee with two simple ingredients (coffee and water/milk), completely clean energy, natural electrolytes and antioxidants and zero added sugar.  I adore them chilled and over ice.  I love their coconut water option (the first one I’ve ever tried) and I have to say that most of the time although I love coffee it dehydrates me.  These do the opposite; they are jam packed with so much goodness that you actually feel great and full of life/energy after finishing!  the Maple Water option is the same concept with this great slight sweetness to it!

Today, I am here to talk to you about their new Oat Milk option which is simply delicious.  This one is a yummy latte with this awesome vanilla honey flavoring.  It is dairy free and has the perfect amount of caffeine.  Just 90 calories too folks so no guilty drinking here like so many of the chain store latte options.  I find it so creamy for a healthy option.  You almost cannot believe it.

Check out this awesome java brand!