Better Bites Bakery

Better Bites Bakery gives me all of the memories of bringing cupcakes to school, but without the stress of unhealthy cupcakes. I have quite fond memories of each Mom bringing the Hostess or Drake  Cakes for every birthday growing up. It was a ritual to see which kid brought which version of Hostess Cakes to school.


The problem became when I got older and realized the degree of chemicals in these products. Of course eight year old me was not concerned about such things, but now that I am a modern-day mom, I feel a pinge of responsibility.


In addition, there is this reality that allergies are picking up and. Now before I bring anything into school, I have to make sure it is nut-free. That, of course means I am not able to be that “cool mom” who gives their kids tons of chemicals in the cupcakes.


Better Bakes Bakery are adorable bite-size and of course, taste amazing. They are nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy free, and even labeled as shellfish-free.


That makes me more concerned about cupcakes in general because I’m very much wondering if this is a thing that I was not aware of. Are many companies throwing shellfish in their cupcakes? And given the price of lobster, I just feel like this is not an efficient use of shellfish. Anyway, I digress.


You could probably see how many things I worry about as a mom. These Better Bakes Bakery cupcakes are missing all the allergens and all the things, so they are essentially as healthy as a cupcake could probably be and certainly have no allergens to scare of the other parents.