Long Distance Games and Activities for Kids who Can’t See Their Friends in Person

by Brian Coughlin

Whether it’s because you’ve moved or there’s a pandemic shutdown, your child not being able to socialize with their friends is going to be challenging. Fortunately, there are ways you can use commonly-available (and often free) video chats and a little creativity to give them a fun hangout with their friends.

Fun Learning Games

My wife teaches 4th grade in Illinois and has held classes remotely for the last few weeks. To challenge her students and give them a way to chat with one another, I taught them my favorite math game from school, the 24 Game.

Using a Google Slides presentation and a whiteboard, I provided numbers, and walked them through a few of the answers until they got the hang of it. After a couple of rounds, they got the hang of it and asked if I could come back next week for another game!

A number of games can be played remotely, including charades and pictionary, though the most fun are often ones the kids invent on their own! Show them one and see what they can come up with!

Make encouraging and inspirational signs

With all the fear and uncertainty these days, making hopeful, whimsical sign or poster for your windows is a wonderful way to spread some cheer.

While these can be made at home with just family, set up a video chat with a friend and encourage them to make signs that compliment one another. This is especially fun if they live on the same street and can see their signs match!

Author Bio:

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