Anthony Field of the Wiggles – Exclusive Interview

Anthony Feld is the founder of one of the best selling music groups of all time: The Wiggles. He’s basically reinvented the genre of children’s music and created a band that has become a multi-faceted machine the likes we’ve not seen since the Beatles or Kiss.

But beyond that impressive resume, he is really simply about love. We wanted to get his take on how to deal with the current pandemic.
What tips do you have for parents to change their kids washing habit?

Anthony Feld:
Try to make it fun! Children learn through play. For example, have a “super washing hero cape” ready and every time it is hand washing time, your child dons the cape. For younger preschoolers, have a tub full of soapy water and a little boat or two for water play, that gets the hands washed while they are playing. Older children can have a reward system too, such as a star on the fridge and at ten stars, there is an appropriate reward. I think encouraging the children with “well done, you’re keeping us all safe and healthy, thank you!” Goes a long way too!!!
You’ve had fans who are of course kids, but parents too. What do you tell parents to remain sane in this time?

Anthony Feld:
Well, I would encourage parents to make sure they have their own time to relax, to pursue an interest….music, design, whatever it is. Now is the time to try an online course you have always thought about, make up course, marriage celebrant, I’m doing a “learn to play Canadian Fiddle Course” with online coaching from Tim Chaisson! Exercise is essential and somedays you might like to dress up for a change. Have a “Halloween Diner” in April, be creative, try and stay healthy, read!
A lot of children are quite scared throughout this time. What should we as parents do to help them here?

Anthony Feld:
Adults and children can be rightly scared of the “virus” , but good to remember for children, it’s a totally abstract concept. With that in mind, a few activities can help , ask your children to draw what they think Coronavirus might look like. Then help them make a sign for the front door, or, their bedroom door, “Coronavirus Stay Away” with the picture they have drawn. Assure them if they wash their hands, and with the sign up, the Virus will stay away.
The Wiggles have so many songs about being happy. Now we’re in a time of emotional crisis. How do we find those happy moments during this time?

Anthony Feld:

I think find the joy in each other. Encourage the family to try different foods, have your very own themed days, have mini concerts in the house, have a painting day. Make a dance video together. For me music is where I find my happy place, so I play music!

This experience that we’re going through is literally world-wide. Some crises you’ve seen have been just in areas. Could the universal nature of this bring people together?

Anthony Feld:
The positive I have seen has been parents having more time to enjoy their children. Time is what most of us have now, the brave medical and scientific community don’t have the time to relax with their families, they are scrambling for answers, their stress levels would be very high. I know the whole world is working to find a vaccine and help those suffering. We can all help, stay at home, wash hands, love each other.

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