Looking for a great baby monitor?

Are you expecting a new baby? Or do you wish to gift someone expecting with a great present?


Leaving your child alone to sleep can be very stressful. What if it rolls over? Does it not get too cold? What if he/she cries and you do not hear them?

Not to worry, Cubo Ai is there to help! This very cute monitor does it all!
Straight out of the box I was amazed by the high quality of the materials. Do you see that little camera in the tummy of the bird? That is made out of the softest wood and swivels like nobody’s business. Everything is very sturdy and beautifully made.
You can choose how to set it up: on a stand next to the bed, attached to the bed or simple on top of a cabinet in the room of your little one.

The camera has a very wide angle, so it is sure to capture anything you need. The resolution is impressive and even gets you some good visuals in the middle of the night.

But honestly, it is the sheer amount of things it does that really impressed us! Check this out:  CuboAi keeps track of the temperature and humidity in the room, it will send you an alert if anything is too high or low. The camera keeps track of your child, you will be alerted the moment your child’s face is no longer visible or if they turn their head towards the mattress. Of course it tracks sounds, it will notify you when your baby is  crying but will not react on any other loud noise. Did I mention it can also play music, natural sounds or white noise? AND it comes with an app on which you can keep track of everything. It holds records and shows you a sleep-record of your precious one, you can talk to your child through it, you can control the music and sounds, you can take pictures or videos and send them to your family. You can have up to 8 users on this app, exactly enough for parents, grandparents and godparents.

Honestly, we cannot get over how awesome this thing is! CuboAi has won numerous prizes, and we as new parents are now their number one fan too!