LucidSound LS10X Wired Gaming Headset

LucidSound LS10X Wired Gaming Headset:

Having a son who is super into gaming has taught me that having the perfect headset for your gamer is half the battle. With some of these combat games the chatter and planning/scheming is most of the darn game.  With this headset, comfort was the priority; this is perfect for long game sessions and has great memory foam design.  I put them on my own head for a few seconds and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were.  Most headsets have me feeling disoriented and very “unnatural”.  These were the opposite; Windows Sonic Surround Sound making my position awareness so much better.  This means you are steady/focused and can play your best game.  (Or so my teenagers say).  My son is going to love them! 

These are 50mm custom-tuned speakers with deep base that makes all the sound effects sound their best.  You can control the chat volume and mute the mic at anytime.  There is also this cool LED light indicator that lets you know when you are on mute.  The whole “oh shoot I forgot to mute and my mom embarrassed me” concept is a thing of the past.  Muting couldn’t be easier by the way – all you need to do is push in the left earbud.  Oh and the built in mic is perfect for mobile gaming and making calls.  I want to mention here exactly how crystal clear the chats were.  I have to say I was impressed.  You can very easily plug them into your cell phone  (or any device with a headphone jack)  and use the internal microphone to make calls and/or listen to music. 

These are made very well, not flimsy at all and can actually lay flat which means they are packable for your next trip my friends in your carry on!  Package comes with headset, removable boom mic and port cover.  I hate to admit this but they are so comfortable and the audio quality is so perfect you can play all day and be absolutely comfortable the entire time.  (Please don’t tell my teenagers that but it is the darn truth).  The cost is $50 and it is designed for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.  This is a fantastic option in our opinion to score yourself or your loved ones a high quality headset while paying a very reasonable price.  

Everyone should jump now and make this purchase nice and early while this is easily available.  Think Christmas in July!  Get your shopping on now; you are welcome!