Great Snacks Options For The Whole Family!

I know we don’t want to admit it yet but school will be coming in about 5 weeks (less for some States) whether we like it or not.  Here are a few awesome snacks we are checking out and LOVING this week.  Some are great for athletes (toss in the gym bag/work tote etc.) as well as being great for the lunch box.

Organic Slammers: these are superfood pouches perfect for on the go busy parents and students.  Five flavor options available (bluberry/banana, strawberry/acai, mango/orange, watermelon/kiwi and pomegranate/grape).    Made with certified organic ingredients; no sugar or anything artificial here.  Noteworthy is that they are peanut free which means no issue getting it into your child’s classroom.  I adore the blueberry/banana option myself.  Heck; buy them now for the beach bag/cooler.

Holy Cow Beef Rinds: how about a new take on rind snacks? Superfood style!  These are made from 100% grass fed beef skin (no carbs, minimal calories, good level of protein and collagen!)  They come in four flavors (we really liked the Lime Zest; I was scared at first but they were really really good!)  Other options include Himalayan Spice, Hot Pepper and Unsalted.  Grab these up.  Cost is about $19.00 for (4) nice sized bags.

Quantum Energy Squares: how about a great item that will help you get through the mid-day work slump??  These are caffeinated bars the natural way.  They contain organic caffeine and protein and the kind of taste delicious.  The peanut butter and dark chocolate option is yummy x 10!  Basically each bar is like having a cup of coffee and they will help you concentrate, curb hunger and focus on what you need to be working on!

Jax’s Original Monster Mix: great for the lunch box (and I will be honest I took a few to work because even I really liked them).  These snacks are peanut/gluten free.  They have pineapple, papaya, mango, sesame sticks, coconut chips and chocolate sunflower seeds.  They are the perfect size for the kids bellies and the perfect mix of sweet and salty.

Barebells Protein Bars: these are 100% plant based protein bars each contain 15-20g of protein.  They are vegan friendly and dairy free.  Absolutely no added sugar here at all.  They come in 7 cool flavor options (crunchy fudge, hazelnut/nougat, salty peanut, white chocolate almond, caramel cashew, cookies & cream and chocolate dough).  You must try the crunch fudge; it was literally to die for.  They will for sure help you pre and post workout and during the long workday.