Lysol Reactions To The Coronavirus/Lysol Cure

I’m not taking this post in a political angle as I’m sure that Trump didn’t mean to swallow whole Lysol. That said, whenever I see a trending word like “Lysol” I have to take a peak and Twitter never fails in making me smile.  Sure the world is ending and now we’re probably going to have a Lysol shortage, but at least I have Twitter reactions to mend my broken heart.


So below, in no particular order find me favorite reactions to the Lysol comment that is trending so well.

1) I worked in PR and actually think this is the appropriate reaction from the Lysol PR person

2) Okay this can be slightly expected.

3) Totally normal day here, nothing to see!

4) It’s literally already selling out.

5) Just inhale them all!

6) It’s nice to have standards.

7) That will also be useful if you had your mind on a bleaching.

8) There are so many things that I never expected this year.

9) Why didn’t the framers of the constitution include this in the 25th amendment?

10) So you’re saying there’s good news?


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