Parenting Truths in the Age of Coronavirus

Parenting is hard in and of itself.  Just being a parent is hard.  Parenting with Coronavirus is even harder.  Now I can’t even turn to the other moms at Starbucks.  I can’t even leave the house. If I try to Facetime with another Mom my three year old runs into the bathroom. Who can I turn to for parenting advice?  Fortunately there’s the collective wisdom of Twitter.  Twitter never fails me. It’s like a parenting guru there to guide me through the rough times.

Below I scoured the web for the most timeless advice I could home Twitter could give me with parenting.


1) This is true and in all seriousness cheered me up.

2) This is something my husband would say.  Don’t show him this.

3) That’s why I’m doing this column!  You can’t parent right through this pandemic!

4) I’ve yet to do this.  I’ve taken note.

5) This was true before the pandemic. But it was easier to drop them off somewhere.

6) This is completely true. Remind me in 5 years.

7) Damn, 40 days at home, I can’t BE more present.

8) My youngest dropped it already.

9) This has happened already too.

10) And exhausting.

11) Aye.. like a parent.  Parenting is not for the week lassie!

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