Magic Opener

The kitchen work in this house just got so much simpler with my new Magic Opener for bottles, cans and more.  This opener has four sizes all in one; this will guarantee that it easily opens all bottle cap sizes (soda, water and more).  I am a nail salon girl and as such, I cannot stand opening cans as they ruin and sometimes snap my nails.  This opener magnetically sticks to my fridge and really helps with so many tasks.  I have used to open glass, plastic as well as cans.  It has kind of become my “kitchen go-to”.  The most efficient two minutes you will spend in a while would be heading over to YouTube and watching a quick “how to” video of how to use this amazing opener:

If you know how to use it the right way it will be the best item you own!  It is so super lightweight and once you look at the back you are on your way.  The top slot is great for sliding into cans; once you lift you are open 1-2-3.  The middle section can open small, medium and large screw off caps by grabbing and easily opening.  The bottom opener is perfect for metal capped glass bottles (like beers and sodas).  What is amazing about this is how perfect it is for packing in the boat, RV, beach bag, office and so much more.  Definitely worth grabbing up yours at 

the cost is $24.99.

magic opener

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