Lyric WiFi Smart Thermostat + Water Leak and Freeze Detector

lyric_round_wifilyric_wifiI love this and there’s a nice competitor to Nest.

First off, with the Wifi Smart Thermostat, I loved the fact that it had geofencing and Siri built right in.  “Siri, raise the heat!”  The geofencing is awesome because you can set for “When we get home, raise the temperature”

The interface and set up was really quick and easy.

I’ve used the Nest app and can honestly say that I found this quite a bit easier and much more intuitive. It also looked nicer, but aesthetics aren’t everything.

The other product is the Leak and Freeze Detector. This is harder to “test” as if I did test it it means something quite bad occurred.  That said, what is really cool about this is that I could stick it anywhere. In my case, i stuck it in my attic where the damn air conditioner will sometimes leak.  It’s a sometimes leak but for the price point, it’s a no-brainer investment.

I’m basically spending 10 minutes to update it and less change then the damage caused by not catching this in time. I am seriously considering getting two more of these for the basement and the laundry machine.


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