Make mealtime with little ones fun again!

Have you had enough of the cleanup after every single meal? Do the germs at public places make your skin crawl? (Especially if you have little ones still biting the edge of  the table)

Would you like to be able to just put the table in the dishwasher after dinner?

Then do we have news for you! The Table Tyke might be just what you are looking for! It is designed to make your life easier, and your little one’s healthier.

The Table Tyke is a rollable placemat that doesn’t slide due to its grippy bottom. With it raised edges, any spills wills stay contained and make cleanup that much easier. And you can just throw it into the dishwasher after use!

It comes in 5 vibrant colors and can be put into any diaper bag since it can easily be rolled up.

I personally love the bumper facing my child which will prevent it from sliding onto the table and out of reach of possible spills. The bumper is also a great teething toy for junior.

Did you know that Table Tyke is a woman owned small business? Berlyn, a mother of 2 boys, has taken it upon herself to help us all out at mealtime!

Table Tyke has helped our family through mealtime, I am sure it can help yours too.