SoFree Wrist Wallets

SoFree Wrist Wallets are the great new minimalist designer trend.  It is a bracelet cuff with a hidden pocket.   The wallets wrap around your wrist or ankle and are a great way to carry your money, credit cards, or keys without carrying a wallet/purse.  It’s lightweight and easy to access and great for traveling or exercising.  These Wrist Wallets are a perfect alternative for your secret travel money bag or as a secret purse for festivals, or concerts.  You’ll quickly realize how useful and convenient these wrist wallets are especially when you’re dancing or on the move.  It’s always on your person so chances of forgetting it somewhere is zilch as long as you don’t take it off.  No more worrying about misplacing your purse either.   They are unisex and there is a great selection of designs to choose from and stylish enough to accessorize with any outfit.  The product is animal friendly, fashionable and functional and the material is very high quality, durable and flexible, as well as comfortable.  It is made with vegan materials and is also washable.  It will fit into any pocket or wrist seamlessly.  The bracelet cuff also looks cute!  The company also carries other cool designer accessories such as masks and belts. Check out their website at SoFree Creations. 



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