Making Money with Minimal Effort

I’ve been tracking a list of stupidly simple things that I can do as a mom to add to the house budget without leaving my house and that said with an exceptionally minimal degree of effort. It is not that I am so to speak cash-strapped but sometimes I am pulling my hair out with an hour or two to kill while I wait for the kids to stop driving me nuts.

The first thing on my list is the magic of eBay. I’ve known eBay for years and absolutely loved the idea that I can basically sell any of my kid’s old stuff and feel the joy of not only cleaning the house but the additional joy of getting rid of the stuff.

The second option I found was as of late as I called YouNow. With YouNow you can broadcast and stream your live thoughts to the world and actually earn money doing so. Now when I feel the urge to just randomly babble my thoughts at least I might get paid and no one will think I’m completely losing my mind. Yes, it’s that stupidly simple. Talk to strangers and get paid.

The third option I found was something that one of my girlfriends brought up. Of all things was Uber. I never thought of doing Uber before but what struck me as interesting is that she does the Uber rides between her other gigs. So maybe the kid has dance at four and a pick up at seven I could then jump in a quick 30-minute ride instead of simply watching Memes on my phone all day.

What have you found to be effective?

What have you done to earn an extra buck or two?