City Bonfires Portable Fire Pit- “You Warm My Heart”.

What do you think of making s’mores?  The only thing is when it’s so cold outside starting up a fire pit seems like a lot of work.   What if we are camping or going on a picnic and  don’t have access to a fire pit or wood?   These 2 dads from Maryland whose jobs were impacted by the pandemic thought of a great idea to make life easy and fun.   They  created  City Bonfires – The Original Portable Fire Pit.    Now you can make s’mores on the beach, camping or even at tailgating parties!    What about bringing the handheld fire pit on a romantic date on the beach? Bring your own bonfire wherever you roam.  No wood, no embers, no soot!  This is such a cool idea and definitely makes for a fun night.

The s’mores night pack  includes 4 marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bar, 2 reusable skewers, a lighter, and portable fire pit.  The fire pit is 100% nontoxic FDA food grade soy wax and 100% biodegradable, compostable plant based briquettes in a recyclable steel tin.  What’s great is that it can be personalized so it makes for a great gift.   It’s so cute to send to your loved one for Valentine’s Day with the saying  “you warm my heart”.   It a cute idea and very different than the traditional flowers, stuffed animal or chocolate.  The fire pits  are reusable and portable.  Creating memories just reached a whole other level!  Here is the link to order yours.