Margarita, Old Fashioned, Vodka Gimlet, Mai Tai, and Daiquiri in a can?

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Even 50 years later, that long-waned trend is still visible in many bungalow basements. Or maybe it was just a thing in my neck of the wood. But around here, in the ’70s, everyone would have a “bar,” with stools, counter, mini-fridges, and racks to store all that alcohol needed to make all those cocktails. We had one in my parent’s suburban house.

Cocktail 1988
Cocktail 1988

It was all the rage to play the bartender with friends and the extended family. And then the idea of buying all those bottles to occasionally play Tom Cruise’s role in his iconic Cocktail movie went away as quickly as it came.

Now, in some basement that has not been renovated since then, you can still sometimes find an old run-down bar with bottles that have not been touched since the ’80s…

Little did my father know at the time that he could one day have an Old Fashioned or a Daiquiri just by opening a can. Just like a soda. That is exactly how Post Meridiem cocktails work. You throw some ice in a glass, you shake and open that can, and you pour the cocktail. Done. Ready to drink in 12 seconds (yes, I counted).

Margarita. Old Fashioned. Vodka Gimlet. Mai Tai. Daiquiri.

They go for $3.99 each if you buy online on their website. And you can be sure that they don’t skim the content. For instance, you get a good 3 oz of Straight Bourbon Whiskey in a can of Old Fashion.

Classic cocktails. Authentic ingredients. One hundred percent real lime juice. Fair price. It was never as easy to have a drink with a friend.

What’s not to love?

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