Eco Lips – Organic and Fair Trade Lip Care

Eco Lips offers all-natural organic lip care. Even the tube and labels are plastic-free! Eco Lips lip balms are really made from 100 percent plant material!

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The tubes are crafted from farm byproducts that otherwise would have been burned. The tubes look, feel, and function just like a traditional plastic lip balm tube.  But they contain zero plastic elements, heavy metals, or polymers, including BPA and phthalates.

The ingredients of the lip balm itself are certified organic and Fair Trade. The labels are actually readable and do not contain any chemical or unpronounceable ingredients. I personally have no problem giving these lip balms to my kids. I believe that they are safe using them.

The sheer offer of types and flavors is astonishing! Mongo Kiss comes in 10 different flavors, just to give an example.

Eco Lips also offers bug spray products. Bug Soother is a natural bug repellent with a great smell that actually does keep those critters away. It’s made from lemongrass oil and can be sprayed directly on the skin. They do not contain any DEET and are completely safe for the skin. You can use it directly on your kids and pets!

You can find the Eco Lips products in a whole range of stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Wegmans, and of course Amazon.

Why not give one of their gift bundles a try? Your lips and the planet earth will thank you for it.