Matter of Fact Skincare

image of matter of fact brightening serum and hydrating cream products

How about some luxury skincare products perfect for the lady in your life this holiday season?  We all have that someone we know deserves to be pampered. I know we talked about this around Mother’s Day but we are back at it to remind you about shopping with Matter of Fact for the holiday season as well.  New Year, New Skin Regimen!

Here are two of the items we love:

Ascorbic Acid 20 Brightening Serum($92): Okay, everyone kind of needs this. This is your go-to for improving discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles! It feels very silky on my skin. Couldn’t be easier to use and sneak into your daily routine. Just apply a quick pump to your clean skin. I do it at night but you can do it in the morning or evening as you desire. I try to do this about 3-4 nights a week. This product stands out because it has a high concentration of ascorbic acid yet is also a sustainable, waterless product.

Minimalist Hydrating Cream ($50): Great for sensitive skin. Very light and silky; not weighing at all. This is a great complement to any serums or treatments you are already doing. Great for dryness and dehydration, and chock full of antioxidants.

You can grab these in a bundle for $121 as well, making this a great holiday gift!  Check out Matter of Fact!