Mega Food Gummy Vitamins For The Whole Family

We are doing better in this pandemic state but we are still not totally “OK”.  I still have my family upping the ante on everything vitamins.  I was thrilled this week to receive some great gummy options from MEGA FOODS.

Here is what we are loving in our daily routine:

Women’s Multi: These are yummy tangerine flavored gummies.  They contain 19 essential nutrients.  They support all the important things like energy, bones, memory, cognitive function, nervous system health, blood sugar, metabolism and more.  There is no high fructose corn syrup or gelatin here.  The cost is about $15 for a month’s supply.

Men’s Multi: The flavor here is wild blueberry.  The men in my house said they are good!  These contain 18 essential nutrients; everything the male species may need.  These once again contain no high fructose corn syrup and are made with real, organic fruit.  $15 for a month’s supply.

Kids Multi: The flavor here is berrylicious.  They are specially formulated to contain all of your child’s nutritional needs (19 essential nutrients to be exact).  They have immune support and choline for healthy brain development.  One more time…no high fructose corn syrup.  $15 for a month’s supply.

Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Multi:  Don’t worry…they didn’t forget the expectant mom.  These are specially made to offer nutritional support for both of you!  They contain folic acid and choline for healthy brain development.  The flavor here is a delicious red raspberry which I am told is easy to take (so many prenatal vitamins are huge and tough to swallow).  $15 for a month’s supply.  $15 for a month’s supply.

You must check out their website – they contain so many other options and I am personally filling my cart with 10 additional supplements for my family as I write this.  These are all non-GMO, dairy/soy free, gluten free and vegetarian friendly.  They are made with organic fruit.  No corn syrup.  Go get them!