Did you know Caswell-Massey was Made in America?

Caswell-Massey makes fancy, fancy soaps. This is one of those things I feel like if people know about, they know about but if they don’t know about you left wondering where this has been the whole time. First of all I thought all fancy soaps were only made in England. I just felt like it was a law somewhere.


This is not a law that I particularly believed in but now that I learned there is an American company that makes fancy soaps, I feel my world has flipped upside down.


What do you see hear is the master collection which is 12 of the most iconic soaps since 1752. Can you get your head around that? Because I can’t! They’ve been making soaps since 1752! There was a shop in New York City in the 1800s. They established in Newport Rhode Island, and 1752. And all of these facts blow my mind away.


I have never been aware of what an apothecary is or was over was even aware of the fact that Caswell-Massey is basically America’s original apothecary, but now here we are.


If I was ever going to get an amazing thing from them, I love the idea of a collection like this because it gives an overview of all of their products. This has soaps like the original as well as every model they’ve made since then.


Check them out at: